About Us

About BBIT

Bhailalbhai & Bhikhabhai Institute of Technology (Polytechnic) is a grant-in-aid and self Financed Institute Polytechnic managed by Charutar Vidya Mandal, Vallabh Vidyanagar.

The institute was established in August 1958 with the intake capacity of 60 each in conventional programmes like Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engg.Later on institute has started new Diploma Programme in Electronics & Communication in 1985 with 60 intakes and Diploma in Computer Engg. in 1986 with 60 intake. The institute has also started two programmes under Self Finance pattern; in the year 2001, it has started Diploma in Information Technology with 60 intake and in 2003, Diploma in Electronics & Communication with 60 intake.

Thus to-day institute has total 685 intake capacity including 180 in Distance Learning Mode in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical – 60 in each.The institute has its vision, mission and quality statement. Its all regular programmes have been accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) New Delhi.

Vision & Mission


Mould youth into competent, innovative and technologically skilled professionals.


  1. Prepare the student with strong fundamental concepts, analytical abilities & Problem solving skills.
  2. Offer ambiance & Support to cultivate creativity & Innovation.
  3. Disseminate quality training to enhance skills & Entrepreneurship for professional development.
  4. Establish opportunities for the students and teachers for lifelong learning to meet the ever changing global technological standards.
  5. Foster students to seek excellence in technical education.

Quality Statement

Uphold, Attain and set International Standards in providing Technical Education to the young telent of the Gujarat State.

Provide support to indigenous Efforts, Foster, Creativities, expand Reach, Coordinate various Agencies and implement & manage Innovative, relevent and responsive demand driven Courses and Services to all its stakeholders (namely Students, Faculty and Staff members, Industry, management, Parents, Society and Country)

Undertake research Activities and maintain liaison & enter into Collobration with Organizations (National and International) through as well as material resource management plans.

Become a dynamic Institute of change in the society with provenabilities in accordance with set National, International norms of suitable Development.


To add significantly to our enduring civilization tradition of pioneering excellence in learning, knowledge, enlightenment and self-realization, in a Universally relevant context.

We dedicate to the perpetuation of our founders Vision of providing the infrastructure, facilities, operating conditions and overall environments conductive to education of young scholars, along with the desired physical, mental & character building inputs; we firmly renew our commitment to provide value added, globally relevant education with an emphasis on the techno- Management domain, to ensure that our scholars fruitfully exercise their knowledge, skills & values in the global economy.